100% Cooperative Product

0% calories

Natural Greek Product!

The First European Product, manufactured from 100% Greek stevia leaves! The European Quality Solution!

We are a cooperative of 87 farmers in Central Greece, that are innovating!

Enjoy the unique taste of La Mia Stevia, cultivated in Central Greece! La Mia Stevia, is a natural product, can fully replace sugar, contains zero calories and its use has multiple benefits for the human body! Perfect for all those who follow a healthy and balanced nutrition!

87 farmers, members of Agricultural Cooperative Stevia Hellas, are cultivating with care the best quality stevia, just for you! We cultivate in Central Greece, but we serve all over the world! Central Greece has the ideal climate for growing stevia plants! 


The most tasty stevia ever!

1:3 proportion for a more lasting taste! 100
It fully replaces sugar in every product! 100
No calories! Perfect for a nice figure! 100
With the guaranteed quality and taste of our Greek Land! 100

Find the Greek quality in a spoon with La Mia Stevia! 

La Mia Stevia can be added in every snack, food, sweet, drink or juice! Taste the sweetness, forget about the calories! The 1:3 proportion to sugar that lasts longer !

1 tsp of La Mia Stevia, is equal to 3 tsps of sugar! 


40 sachets packaging

Packaging with 40 sachets! Perfect for your everyday schedule!

This is an ideal solution for all those who wish to enjoy their drinks or smoothies without extra calories!  Each sachet contains 2 gr of La Mia Stevia, which has the same sweetnes as sugar but just with the 1/3 quantity!

Proper for diabetics! It does not affect the glycaimic index!

Ideal for those who follow a healthy and balanced nutrition, without extra calories or sugar supplements!



Crystal Stevia 1:3 with erythritol

  Crystal La Mia Stevia, is ideal for all those who already follow or wish to follow a healthy nutrition!

Add it to all products that you can replace sugar in! Proper either for baking or freezing!

Available in packages of : 150 gr, 300 gr, 600 gr, 900 gr! 

1:3 proportion and zero calories! That is what you and your family need!

3 times sweeter! 

A big range of products!

A big range of products ready to serve your specific needs! Contact us in order to inform you about the nearest selling point!

Crystal stevia with erythritol,  pure stevia extract, HORECA and a big variety of packages!

Our products variety is been constantly updated, in order to cover our customers needs!

Get in touch with us, for further information and a product catalogue for your store or industry!

Wih La Mia Stevia products, you support the Greek farmers and our 87 producers of Stevia Hellas Coop! 

La Mia Stevia, is a product that is been produced under specific guidance and surveillance of highly trained agronomists and scientists! 

It can be used by diabetics and people who cannot consume sugar! It is a gluten free product!

The extraction proccess, is done in the best Industrial Unit in Europe!

It contains steviol glycosides extracted from Greek stevia leaves, with 97.2% TSG and 62.5% RebA! The erythritol we use, is a natural substance, coming from fruits and vegetables! It does not contain calories and of course is diabetics safe and gluten free! We only use top quality products!

By using La Mia Stevia, you know what you and your family are consuming!

Cooperative Product

100 producers of  Stevia Hellas Coop are innovating!



Greek Stevia Leaves Origin!

We produce the first European product with 100% Greek stevia leaves origin!

Innovative Product!

We use the state of art agricultural techniques, under specific guidance!

People together are stronger!

We created for you the best in quality product!

Suitable for diabetics!

 La Mia Stevia can fully replace sugar! It is a gluten free product, proper for all types of diabetes!

Multiple benefits!

Stevia has antioxidant, antiageing and antibacterial properties!

Contains Zero Calories!

La Mia Stevia contains steviol glycosides and erythritol!

Enjoy, in every product!

La Mia Stevia proportion is 1:3 to sugar! Replace sugar and add La Mia Stevia!

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